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The Icelandic Government's policy priorities on Europe

Mailén León Basallo es una de las mujeres de la Cooperativa de Producción Agropecuaria “Juanito Garcell” quien desea ver a su natal Camalote convertido en un lugar próspero. Ubicado a más de 630 kilómetros de La Habana, este poblado camagüeyano comienza a distinguirse entre sus homólogos por impulsar el desarrollo de actividades económicas que van más allá de la agricultura y la ganadería, y exhibir así una experiencia inédita en el entorno rural de Cuba.

A death sentence was handed down on 18 March to Mr Siarhei Ivanou by the Homyel Regional Court of the Republic of Belarus.

Mr Ivanou's right to appeal must be fully guaranteed.


Une condamnation à la peine de mort a été prononcée le 18 mars à l'encontre de M. Siarhei Ivanou par le tribunal régional de Homiel, en République de Biélorussie.

Le droit de recours dont dispose M. Ivanou doit être pleinement garanti.


Check against delivery

We will have a discussion tonight on Ukraine and Russia with the Heads of State and Government. What I can tell you now is obviously that any kind of decision will have to be taken only on the basis of the situation on the ground, as we have already said several times, and only linked to the implementation of the Minsk Agreements in full.

The objective of the European Union Visitors Program (EUVP) is to enable young leaders, potential leaders and multipliers from non-EU Member States to obtain first-hand impressions of the Union's policies, institutions and achievements and to increase the mutual understanding between professionals from non-EU countries and their EU counterparts.

This statement example relates to the City of San Miguel, Texas —
Mayor Patricia L. SMITH. The statement is part of the application for the European Union Visitors Program (EUVP).