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The Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) is the executive branch of the European Union responsible for policy on education, culture, youth, languages, and sport.

As there is currently no EU delegation in Equatorial Guinea, the EU delegation in Gabon is currently undergoing accreditation by the authorities in Equatorial Guinea. The fact that there are representative EU countries there guarantees EU representation of a role at local level (as was the case before the Treaty of Lisbon).


L’UE n'a pas de délégation en Guinée équatoriale. De ce fait, la Délégation de l'UE au Gabon est en cours d'accréditation auprès des autorités équato-guinéennes. La représentation de l’UE au niveau local est assurée à tour de rôle par les États membres de l’Union représentés dans le pays (comme c’était le cas avant le traité de Lisbonne).


Since it was founded in 1958, the EU has regularly accepted new member countries. Each applicant country must meet certain requirements before membership is permitted.

EU relations and cooperation with Dominica are carried out both on bilateral and regional basis, the latter within the framework of the on-going EU-CELAC and EU-CARIFORUM dialogues.

Relations between the European Union and the Union of Comoros are focused on Development cooperation to fight against poverty. Beyond development cooperation relations are focused on political and economic issues, trade and the fisheries sector.


Les relations entre l’Union européenne (UE) et l’Union des Comores portent surtout sur la coopération au développement pour lutter contre la pauvreté. Elles couvrent également les questions politiques et économiques, le commerce et le secteur de la pêche.


The Cook Islands comprises 15 small islands. It has a close relationship ('free association') with New Zealand, which includes citizenship for Cook Islanders.

Population centres – mainly the island of Rarotonga – about 13,000 people.

Industries – tourism, far ahead of offshore banking, pearls, marine and fruit exports.

Located in the Caribbean Sea, north off Venezuela, with an area of 444 km² Curaçao is the largest Dutch Overseas Territory. Its population is 142,180 and the capital is Willemstad.

The Cayman islands are “British Overseas Territories” whose development cooperation with the EU is based on Article 182 of the Treaty of Rome.