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إن القرار الذي اتخذه الاتحاد الإفريقي بإعادة إدماج المغرب كعضو يعيد جمع شمل القارة لإفريقية بأسرها داخل منظمتها الإقليمية


The decision by the African Union to reintegrate Morocco as a member unites all of the African continent within its regional organisation.

La décision de l'Union africaine de réintégrer le Maroc en tant que membre réunit tout le continent africain au sein de son organisation régionale.

Lancement des travaux de la reconstruction du pont Mouhoun le 19 janvier 2017

Le lancement des travaux de la reconstruction du pont Mouhoun le 19 janvier 2017 témoigne non seulement de l'excellence des relations d'amitié et de coopération entre l'Union européenne et le Burkina Faso, mais constitue aussi un exemple concret, deux mois après la conférence de Paris, de l’appui continue et actif de l’Union européenne au Burkina Faso.
Ambassadeur Jean LAMY

On 31st January, the competition for the purchase of equipment to create jobs on terms of co-financing was announced in Khmelnytskyi. The competition is organised by the Department of social protection of Khmelnytskyi Regional State Administration within the EU-funded project "Formation of the Modern Management Model for Regional Labour Market Development in Khmelnytskyi region".

The EU deeply regrets the decision of the Russian Constitutional Court of 19 January that found the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights on just satisfaction of 31 July 2014 in the case of Yukos v. the Russian Federation "non-executable".

The Syria conflict has forced millions to flee their country. Turkey, as host to over three million refugees, has the largest refugee population in the world.