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قال المفوض الأوروبي للسياسة الأوروبية للجوار يوهانس هان أن هذه الزيارة أتت في وقت مناسب بما أن لبنان يمر بتغيرات سياسية مهمة مع رئيس جديد وحكومة تعمل بالكامل وانتخابات نيابية من المفترض أن تجري هذه السنة.


EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy, Johannes Hahn, said that his visit came at an opportune moment, as Lebanon is going through important political changes with a new president, a government fully operational and parliamentary elections that should take place this year.


Projects in Kosovo, covering areas such as governance and education, water and energy, human rights and security.

L'ambassadeur Rupert Joy a organisé une réception pour marquer les 60 ans du traité de Rome le lundi 27 mars et dire au revoir à la fin des 4 ans de son mandat en tant qu'ambassadeur de l'Union européenne au Maroc. Il a prononcé un discours où il est revenu sur l'esprit et les valeurs de l'Union européenne et a également parlé des relations de l'Union européenne avec le Maroc, son voisin méridional le plus proche en termes géographiques, mais aussi en termes de rapprochement institutionnel, commercial et surtout humain.

The Delegation of the European Union to Belarus has issued the following statement in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission in Belarus.

Прадстаўніцтва Еўрапейскага саюза ў Беларусі зрабіла наступную заяву са згоды кіраўнікоў дыпламатычных місій краін ЕС у Беларусі.

Представительство Европейского союза в Беларуси сделало следующее заявление с согласия глав дипломатических миссий стран ЕС в Беларуси.

The call for proposals has for objectives to (1) Increase monitoring capacity of civil society, (2) Increase public accountability through public awareness campaigns aiming at behavioural changes in topics such as nutrition, road safety, energy saving, environment, recycling etc… and (3) Reinforce civil society through financial diversification and sustainability such fundraising, crowdfunding campaign and promotion of social enterprises.

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The call for proposals has for objectives to enhance people to people contacts and local community development within the country and within the region through through sport, culture, education and tourism.