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Contribuer à faire évoluer le système de protection des droits des enfants
au Gabon vers un modèle participatif avec l'implication des OSC et des
citoyens, en ligne avec les standards internationaux de la protection
des enfants.

The campaign and vote of the local and legislative elections held in Equatorial Guinea this month took place in a largely orderly and calm atmosphere. At the same time, the two opposition electoral lists denounced serious irregularities. Morever, long-standing restrictions on internet and communication systems were enforced.

Bruxelles, 24 noiembrie 2017

Cel de al 5-lea Summit al Parteneriatului Estic a avut loc astăzi la Bruxelles. A fost ocazia de a se celebra realizările din ultimii doi ani din cadrul relațiilor UE cu cei șase parteneri estici și de a se pregăti implementarea, până în 2020, a 20 de acțiuni concrete care vor aduce beneficii tangibile pentru cetățeni.

Male dominance, abuse and harassment are the themes of a compelling spoken word production on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) by The 2 Cents Movement. The play entitled ‘Common Grounds’ aims to take a look at Trinidad and Tobago society and to encourage reflection and discussion on the steps we need to take to end GBV in this country. This play will serve as the centrepiece for the second installation of #LetsTalkTT: Conversations on Gender Equality and Violence against Women.

Press release by EU Office/EU Special Representative, EULEX and EU Heads of Mission in Kosovo


Kumtesë për shtyp nga Zyra e BE-së/ Përfaqësuesja e Posaçme e BE-së, EULEX-i dhe Shefat e Misioneve të BE-së në Kosovë

Saopštenje za javnost od strane Kancelarije EU/Specijalnog predstavnika EU, EULEKS-a i šefova misija EU na Kosovu


Еўрапейская камісія хоча атрымаць зваротную сувязь ад галоўных "карыстальнікаў" агульнай візавай палітыкі.