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EU Ambassador to Rwanda, Nicola Bellomo; Dorothea Groth, Head of Cooperation at the German Embassy in Kigali; and Country Director for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH , Martin Kraft, gathered on 27 November 2020 to sign an agreement that marks a “green alliance” between the European Union (EU) and GIZ Rwanda under the Global Climate Change Alliance Plus Initiative (GCCA+).


The EU Delegation to Rwanda will host an "SDG Dance Competition in Kigali on 13 February 2021.

On 10 December, we celebrate Human Rights Day and the EU and its Member States will mark the day with different events addressing different challenges.

Este 27 de noviembre de 2020, Costa Rica y la Unión Europea celebraron su cuarto diálogo de alto nivel para fortalecer los vínculos políticos y de cooperación entre las dos partes, así como para discutir los retos actuales a los que que se enfrentan, producto, entre otros, de la pandemia de la Covid-19 y del cambio climático.

 La reunión, celebrada de forma virtual, ayudó a identificar y confirmar los múltiples puntos de convergencia y a promover la acción conjunta en los distintos foros regionales y multilaterales. 


On 27 November 2020, Costa Rica and the European Union celebrated their 4th high-level dialogue with the objective of strengthening political ties and cooperation between both sides, as well as to discuss current challenges posed by, among others, the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. 

 The meeting, which took place in virtual format, helped to identify and confirm the multiple areas of convergenc and to promote joint action in different regional and multilateral fora. 


Balkissa Yayé Goumeye is a gendarme working in Niger’s northern region Agadez. Since 2018, she also serves as EUCAP’s focal point for intelligence techniques at the regional gendarmerie forces. With over 15 years of experience as a female gendarme, she speaks about her career, the difficulties she has faced on her way and shares with us the keys to her success.