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We cannot allow other tragedies at sea in the coming weeks and months; we need to be able to give a strong political and operational response. As I have announced today during the College in Strasbourg, I will convene an extraordinary meeting of the Commissioners' Group on External Action in the coming days in order to discuss with the Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos, a review of our policies. I've also decided to put a discussion on migration on the agenda of the Foreign Affairs Council soon.


Nous ne pouvons accepter d’autres tragédies en mer au cours des semaines et des mois à venir; nous devons être en mesure d'apporter une réponse politique et opérationnelle forte afin de les éviter. Comme je l’ai annoncé aujourd’hui au collège réuni à Strasbourg, je vais convoquer dans les jours qui viennent une réunion extraordinaire du groupe des commissaires sur l’action extérieure afin de discuter d'un réexamen de nos politiques avec M. Dimitris Avramopoulos, commissaire chargé de la migration, des affaires intérieures et de la citoyenneté.


The conviction and sentencing of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim raises serious questions regarding due process of law.

The European Union regards Malaysia as a key political and economic partner in South East Asia. In that spirit of partnership, the EU wishes to underscore that trust in the administration of justice is an essential component of the democratic process.


La condamnation du dirigeant de l'opposition, M. Anwar Ibrahim, suscite de graves interrogations quant au respect du droit.

L’Union européenne considère la Malaisie comme un partenaire politique et économique essentiel en Asie du Sud-Est. Dans cet esprit de partenariat, l’UE souhaite souligner que la confiance dans l’administration de la justice est un élément crucial du processus démocratique.


Despite not being a formal point on Foreign Affairs Council, there was substantial discussion by 28 EU foreign ministers on recent diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis in Ukraine when they met on Monday 9 February. They also agreed to step up efforts to counter terrorism, in particular in the Mediterranean, Middle East, North Africa, the Gulf and the Sahel. The meeting also had a strong Africa focus, with conclusions on Nigeria's elections, Mali, Central Africa Republic and Boko Haram being adopted.

I met today in Brussels with Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić and Prime Minister Isa Mustafa to resume the high level dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina for the normalisation of relations. 

The two Prime Ministers finalized the agreement on justice and judiciary in Kosovo, thereby closing a critical chapter of the implementation of the Brussels Agreement that will substantially improve lives of people on the ground. I commend Isa Mustafa and Aleksandar Vučić for this achievement.


J'ai rencontré aujourd'hui à Bruxelles les Premiers ministres Aleksandar Vučić et Isa Mustafa afin de reprendre le dialogue à haut niveau en vue de la normalisation des relations entre Belgrade et Pristina.

Les deux Premiers ministres ont finalisé l'accord sur la justice et le système judiciaire au Kosovo, bouclant ainsi un chapitre crucial pour la mise en œuvre de l'accord de Bruxelles qui améliorera considérablement les conditions de vie de la population. Je les félicite pour cette avancée.


"The beheading of eight Bedouins by terrorists in the Northern Sinai region of Egypt is a demonstration of their denial to dignity and human life.

Our thoughts are with the families of the victims and the people of Egypt.

The EU stands by Egypt and all countries exposed to terrorism and is determined to work with its regional and international partners to tackle this common challenge that endangers lives and threatens  global stability."