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L'accord de partenariat et de coopération renforcé entre l'UE et le Kazakhstan a été paraphé le 20 janvier 2015 à Bruxelles.

Cet accord facilitera sensiblement le développement des relations politiques et économiques entre le Kazakhstan et l'UE. Il renforcera le flux des échanges, des services et des investissements entre les deux parties et contribuera au développement politique et social du Kazakhstan.


The EU-Kazakhstan Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement was initialed in Brussels on 20 January 2015.

This agreement will greatly facilitate stronger political and economic relations between Kazakhstan and the EU.  It will increase the flow of trade, services and investment between the parties and will contribute to Kazakhstan's political and social development.

The initialing of the Agreement is an important step towards its eventual signature and subsequent implementation. 


Today HRVP Mogherini met with the Secretary General of the League of Arab States (LAS), Dr. Nabil El Araby, in Brussels. During their first bilateral meeting, HR/VP F. Mogherini and the LAS Secretary General N. El Araby discussed the current situation in the Arab world, focusing on Libya, Iraq, Syria, the Middle East Peace Process and notably the terrorist threat posed by Da'esh in Syria and Iraq. Both leaders also signed a Memorandum of Understanding furthering cooperation between the EEAS and the LAS.

The 2nd Annual EU-Arab Seminar on Political and Security Issues was held at the EEAS on 19-20 January 2015. The seminar brought together EU and Arab security policy experts to discuss security-related topics and ways for cooperation.

Fighting in Sana’a since yesterday, especially around the Presidential palace, the targeting of Prime Minister Bahah's convoy and the attempt to besiege the Republican Palace where the Prime Minister held meetings clearly aim at derailing Yemen’s democratic transition under the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative.


The first formal meeting of EU foreign ministers of 2015 was dominated by discussions on how to fight terrorism in the wake of the Paris attacks and recent Boko Haram atrocities in Nigeria as well as a discussion on the EU's future relations with Russia.

Les combats qui ont lieu à Sanaa depuis hier, en particulier autour du palais présidentiel, le fait que le convoi du Premier ministre, M. Bahaa, ait été pris pour cible et la tentative de prise d'assaut du Palais de la République, où le Premier ministre était en réunion, visent clairement à faire échouer la transition démocratique entreprise au Yémen dans le cadre de l'Initiative du Conseil de coopération du Golfe (CCG).


Thank you very much for the memories.  For the warm welcome, and also for the joint invitation.  It's a pleasure to be back here in Brookings.  Actually, I was in, I think, in another room next door less than a year ago.  It's a pleasure to meet again, friends.  Not only at Brookings.  I have to say, my student, a fellow in 2007, was one of the best and most important experiences of my life, and I would say that shows that the fellowship works. 

The Council of the European Union has decided to appeal today the Judgment of the General Court (in Case T-400/10 - Hamas v. Council) of 17 December 2014. 


Le Conseil de l'Union européenne a décidé d'introduire ce jour un pourvoi contre l'arrêt du Tribunal (dans l'affaire T-400/10, Hamas/Conseil) du 17 décembre 2014.