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À Pristina, dans le cadre de discussions avec des personnalités politiques de premier plan et des membres de la société civile, Mme Federica Mogherini, haute représentante de l'Union, a souligné que l'ensemble du Kosovo devait se rassembler autour du programme européen. "Le Kososvo, c'est l'Europe", a-t-elle déclaré, et il importe de continuer à progresser sur la longue route menant à l'intégration européenne.


Today, Stefano Manservisi was appointed as Director-General of DG Development and International cooperation of the European Commission, after having served as Head of my cabinet since the beginning of the mandate.


Aujourd'hui, M. Stefano Manservisi a été nommé directeur général de la DG Coopération internationale et développement de la Commission européenne, après avoir été chef de mon cabinet depuis le début de mon mandat.


Reforestation and agro forestry are two of the most relevant, sustainable and accepted approaches to increase resilience in front of Climate Change

Promote sustainable and climate sensitive livelihoods is one of GCCA-TL approaches to support farmers to cope with climate change effects

The project aims to scale up conservation agriculture in 31 districts of Zambia in order to increase productivity and production of crops for food security and income generation.

Promote, coordinate and implement processes of productive, social and institutional transformation of prioritized rural areas in order to enhance the capacity of families and communities and reduce regional imbalances.

In June 2012, the EU Delegation in Namibia, in partnership with the Namibian Parliament and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) launched a Parliamentary Support Programme (PSP).