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This week's plenary in the European parliament was rich in debates on external relations and featured the active engagement of HRVP Mogherini.

Today's agreement in Minsk is definitely a step in the right direction, a very important one, even if we know very well that this is not solving everything. But having good news is definitely better than having bad or very bad news.

The important thing now will be to see the ceasefire entering into force on the night between Saturday and Sunday.  And it will be looking at the implementation of the points that are included in the document.

The visit of President Mahmoud Abbas was an opportunity for President Jean-Claude Juncker and myself to re-state EU's support for a two-state solution with an independent, democratic, viable State of Palestine living side-by-side with Israel and its other neighbours in peace and security.


La visite du président Mahmoud Abbas a été l’occasion pour le président Jean-Claude Juncker et moi‑même de réaffirmer le soutien de l’UE à une solution fondée sur la coexistence de deux États, qui permettrait à un État palestinien indépendant, démocratique et viable d’exister aux côtés d’Israël et de ses autres voisins, dans un climat de paix et de sécurité.


I met today in Brussels with Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić and Prime Minister Isa Mustafa to resume the high level dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina for the normalisation of relations. 

The two Prime Ministers finalized the agreement on justice and judiciary in Kosovo, thereby closing a critical chapter of the implementation of the Brussels Agreement that will substantially improve lives of people on the ground. I commend Isa Mustafa and Aleksandar Vučić for this achievement.