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"During my first interview for a job, the boss of the company asked me if I had the intention to have kids. I was young and single, and my reply was: ‘Not for the moment, but yes. I hope it will happen’. I got offended at first. Almost humiliated. But then I thought that it was him humiliating himself with that question. By the way, I got the job and I had two kids a few years later."

"I often find myself in a situation where young ladies ask me how I got there, sometimes very young… Our EUDEL driver's 4 year-old-daughter could not believe that her dad's boss could be a woman, so that one day our driver took her to our offices to meet with me. It was amazing seeing her eyes grow as big as two apples on her face when she saw me."

"You have to learn to manage setbacks. To fail and rise again. With a smile. You also need to learn to make your point, to get your voice heard, particularly important for women. And yes, as many other women with family – and fortunately now also more and more men – I have suffered from a culture of long working hours, late meetings or after-work socialisation around glasses of wine that help build networks, but is often in competition with family time."

"It is very difficult to combine a young child and a full-time job. I fully understand why some young mothers feel discouraged to work full time or to take any additional, more challenging responsibilities. Luckily, our society and the employers have become more tolerant and flexible, and from year to year it becomes easier to combine a job and a family life. There is definitely a positive tendency and I hope it will continue."

Meet Litia from Fiji’s Beqa Island! She is one of the five women from the island who have graduated with the skills of building and sailing healthier and environmentally friendly marine transportation, with support from the Pacific-European Union Marine Partnership Programme funded by the European Union and Government of Sweden.

28/02/2021 – HR/VP Blog – EU leaders have held a timely discussion on the future of EU security and defence. We need commitment at the highest political level to make the EU a stronger security actor in a world of fast-changing threats.

The European Union Delegation to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan /
sub-office Yemen is looking for a Secretary

Госпожа Президент, я хотел бы поблагодарить вас за приглашение посетить Республику Молдова сразу после вашего визита в Брюссель в январе. Я очень рад находиться здесь.


Doamnă președintă, aș dori să vă mulțumesc pentru invitația dumneavoastră în Republica Moldova, la scurt timp după vizita dumneavoastră la Bruxelles, din ianuarie. Este o plăcere pentru mine să mă aflu aici.