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Description : The purposes of this contract is three-fold: support the de-regulation policy and implementation actions of the Ukrainian authorities at all relevant levels with particular focus on SMEs in priority sectors; strengthen the capacity of Ukrainian Ukrainian national, regional and local authorities and other stakeholders to  implement effective economic development policies with specific focus on SMEs; improve access to information for Ukrainian SMEs.

Location: Ukraine

L'accès à l'eau potable n'est pas seulement un droit de l'homme fondamental: dans le monde d'aujourd'hui, l'eau est une question de sécurité, et le contrôle des ressources en eau demeure une importante source de conflits. D'immenses territoires se trouvent déstabilisés par la désertification. Les sécheresses et les inondations sont en partie la cause d'une mobilité humaine qui atteint des niveaux sans précédent dans le monde entier.


Access to clean water is not just a basic human right: in today's world, water is a security issue and the control of water resources is still a major driver of conflicts. Desertification has destabilised immense swaths of land. Droughts and floods are among the causes for the unprecedented levels of human mobility worldwide.



Federica Mogherini called for international unity in tackling terrorism, speaking in Jordan hours after Brussels was hit by a wave of terrorist attacks.

Speech by EEAS Deputy Secretary General Ms Helga Schmid Eighth on behalf of EU High Representative Federica Mogherini 

Your Excellences',

On behalf of EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, let me begin by expressing her regret for not being able to participate in this meeting in person. The EU warmly welcomes this invite and the opportunity to join the discussion with Libya's other neighbours at this crucial time for Libya's future. 

A second round of voting has brought the presidential elections in Benin to a close. On the basis of information in his possession, the candidate Lionel Zinsou has already congratulated Mr Patrice Talon on his victory.


La tenue du deuxième tour vient de clôturer les élections présidentielles au Benin. Sur base d'informations en sa possession, le candidat Lionel Zinsou a déjà félicité M. Patrice Talon pour sa victoire.