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The European Union has proven to be a reliable and consistent supporter of a free, independent and prosperous South Sudan, committed to universal values such as democracy, rule of law and human rights.

South Sudan gained independence in July 2011, and with it came ambitious plans to build the foundations of the world's newest state. The EU rallied behind the country's state- and nation-building efforts through significant diplomatic, political, humanitarian and developmental support.

Useful information on travelling from South Sudan to the EU, such as visas, travel restrictions and consulates, and for studying there.

The EU offers jobs to citizens in different ways, it also offers public contracts and provides funding in the form of grants to support projects and organisations.


Since the creation of the so-called Schengen Zone travel between EU countries has become much easier.
Quality, diversity, and opportunity are among the many benefits of European higher education institutions.

Find out more about what the European Union is, its history and its countries. Facts and figures about living in the EU.

Une table ronde sur l’opinion publique européenne, une manifestation intitulée «Innovation et croissance durable», la participation au Grand-Prix de Berne ainsi que 38 visites dans les écoles: telles sont les activités des ambassades de l’UE pour la Journée de l’Europe 2016 en Suisse et au Liechtenstein. Suivez-nous sur les réseaux sociaux!


Una tavola rotonda sul tema dell'opinione pubblica europea, un evento dedicato all'innovazione e alla crescita sostenibile, la partecipazione al Grand Prix di Berna e oltre una trentina di visite a licei e scuole professionali sono le attività previste dalle ambasciate dell'UE per celebrare la Festa dell'Europa in Svizzera e nel Liechtenstein. Seguiteci sui social media!


Eine Podiumsdiskussion zum Thema europäische Öffentlichkeit, eine Veranstaltung zu "Innovation und nachhaltiges Wachstum", die Teilnahme am Grandprix von Bern sowie 38 Schulbesuche sind die Aktivitäten der EU-Botschaften zum diesjährigen Europatag in der Schweiz und in Liechtenstein. Folgen Sie uns auf den sozialen Medien!


The United Nations Resident Coordinator, Mr Alvaro Rodriguez, and the European Union Head of Political, Press and Information, Ms. Luana Reale, have been on a two day joint visit in Mwanza Region. While in the region, the two delegates visited EU and UN supported development projects. They have also taken part in the national commemorations of the World Press Freedom Day held on Tuesday May 3rd, and organized by the Media Institute of Southern Africa – Tanzania Chapter (MISA-Tan) in collaboration with other media stakeholders.