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I chaired this morning the Foreign Affairs Council in the formation of Defence Ministers after a long day yesterday of the Foreign Ministers' meeting, as well as a joint Foreign and Defence Ministers' meeting yesterday evening on Libya.

On 19 April 2016, the Council approved the establishment of a military training mission in the Central African Republic (EUTM RCA) to contribute to the country's defence sector reform.


Le 19 avril 2016, le Conseil a approuvé la mise en place d'une mission militaire de formation en République centrafricaine (EUTM RCA) en vue de contribuer à la réforme du secteur de la défense dans le pays.


Federica Mogherini was in Luxembourg today to chair the Foreign Affairs Council in the Defence Ministers' format. The meeting's first session focused on Afghanistan, hours after a new deadly attack in central Kabul. Today's attack "shows us how fragile the security situation is in the country," Mogherini commented at the end of the meeting. Protracted violence confirms "the need to continue to work with a lot of energy and attention, in partnership with the Afghan leadership, to stabilise the country," the High Representative added.

A Comissão Europeia apresentou hoje (19) o seu projeto para disponibilizar serviços baseados na computação em nuvem e infraestruturas de dados de craveira mundial que permitam à comunidade científica, às empresas e às administrações públicas se beneficiarem das vantagens oferecidas pela revolução dos «big data» (grandes volumes de dados).