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The President of the Argentine Republic Mr. Mauricio Macri today visited the EU Institutions in Brussels. President Macri was accompanied by the Governor of the Province of Cordoba Juan Schiaretti, the Governor of the Province of Misiones Hugo Passalacqua, Chief of Cabinet of Ministers Marcos Peña, Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra, Secretary for Strategic Affairs Fulvio Pompeo and Secretary for Coordination and International Cooperation Patricio Benegas.

2016 წლის 1 ივლისს ევროპის საბჭო წარმოადგენს ციხის ჯანდაცვის 2014-2017 წლების სტრატეგიისა და სამოქმედო გეგმის განხორციელების შუალედური შეფასების ანგარიშს.

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Thank you very much. We, first of all, have to apologise for the delay. But the meeting we had with President Macri and the entire Argentinian delegation together with a large delegation from the EU side has been longer than expected because it was an excellent, and I would say very concrete meeting, on concrete steps of cooperation. So it took us a bit more time than foreseen.

Paris, 4 July 2016

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We had a very important summit with all the leaders of Western Balkans countries, hosted by President Hollande. It comes at a special time when it is very important for the European Union to reaffirm the willingness to proceed on the European integration of the Western Balkan countries, all of them.

The bombing carried out by Da’esh in Baghdad last night, which killed more than 80 people and injured many more, targeted innocent Iraqi citizens after a day of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. It is reported that many of the victims are children.

This third edition provides updated practical guidelines for EU observers and core team.

Esta tercera edición comprende una serie de directrices prácticas actualizadas para el equipo central y los observadores de la Unión Europea.