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The EU to highlight key elements of its safety and quality standards while showcasing EU agricultural products


유럽 ​​연합이 강조하는 안전 및 품질 기준의 핵심 요소는 무엇, 농산품 쇼케이스 함께 진행
EU 식품은 안전해요, 고품질이에요!


This International Women’s Day, a new EUR18.2 million regional programme to improve gender equality and address violence against women and girls is being announced.

El programa tiene como meta lograr una mayor respuesta a las demandas de conocimientos y destrezas de los sectores productivos elevando la calidad de la educación y formación técnica.

Conference on Disarmament
Geneva, 15 March 2018
EU Statement

ILO Governing Body, 332nd session
Geneva, 12 March – 22 March 2018
EU Statement - INS/9: Guatemala