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Election observation gives the opportunity to assess an electoral process according to international standards. The EU is a leading global player in providing and financing electoral assistance complementary to election observation.


Upon the invitation of a foreign country organising democratic elections, the EU can decide to deploy an Election Observation Mission to the country's elections in consultation with the European Parliament and Member States.


Each EU missions works in the framework of a comprehensive approach. The mission works in agreement and coordination with the EU Delegations in the same area and in the framework of EU regional policies.


This project addresses the negative humanitarian and socio-economic impact of widespread contamination – actual and perceived – caused by land mines and Unexploded Ordinances.

The project aims at improving the living conditions of the poor urban population living in nine informal areas of the Greater Cairo Region (GCR).

The project contributes to poverty reduction and socio-economic development of the rural poor through increased land productivity, employment creation and income generation.

The project aims at improving the quality of life of the people living in the rural areas of Fayoum, Minia and Marsa Matrouh Governorates, with a focus on the sustainable management of territorial resources.