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L’Union européenne et la BERD ont aidé le fabricant de cosmétiques à développer une image forte et à déployer son activité en ligne.

32 წლის გიორგი ავჭალელი თეთრიწყაროს მუნიციპალიტეტის სოფელ მარაბდიდანაა.

Giorgi Avchaleli, 32, is from the village of Marabda of the Tetritskaro Municipality. Over the years, he and his father have successfully run a local agriculture machineries store. While selling such kind of goods, Giorgi noticed that there was a great demand for agriculture machineries services, too, however, there was not a local provider with high-quality and modern equipment in the municipality.

L’Ambassadeur de l’Union européenne au Niger, Dr Denisa-Elena IONETE soutenue par les Chefs des Missions de l’Union européenne était mercredi dernier au Centre de recherche médicale et sanitaire (CERMES) de Niamey pour la remise de produits et matériels par le projet PASS (coopération bilatérale belgo-nigérienne).

EU News 139/2020


The EU expresses its grave concern at the steps taken by China on 28 May, which are not in conformity with its international commitments (Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984) and the Hong Kong Basic Law. This risks to seriously undermine the 'One Country Two Systems' principle and the high degree of autonomy of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.


Hand washing with street workers, campaigns of awareness in deprived neighbourhoods, cash transfers to vulnerable families… Many of our partners already took initiatives with EU funds to assist those that more need support.
Now we confirm our solidarity to the Angolan people with the launching of a new package of programmes included in our global response to Covid 19, Team Europe. This action financed with close to 10.000.000 EUR aims at mitigating the impact of Covid 19, especially on poorest people. This is a proof of a deeper partnership in these turbulent times.