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Du 4 au 8 novembre 2019, une dizaine de policiers et gendarmes ont suivi une formation en Police Technique délivrée par 1 expert du laboratoire de police scientifique de Bamako et 2 experts EUCAP.

The European Union exercises maximum diplomacy with everybody during crises. This is the natural role of the EU in support of peace, security and democracy, said the High Representative Federica Mogherini following the Foreign Affairs Council on Monday.

The Council adopted an updated list of 13 projects to be undertaken under PESCO. Today's decision brings to 47 the number of projects that are currently in place.



Le Centre de Perfectionnement en Finances Publiques (CPFP) a été mis en place grâce à un appui financier et technique de l’Union européenne dans le cadre du Programme d’Appui aux Finances Publiques (PARFIP).

The vote of no-confidence in the government in the Republic of Moldova over questions concerning the recruitment process of the Prosecutor General sends worrying signals for the reform process in the country.

The coalition had started a number of initiatives to deliver on the key commitments made since June notably in the fields of the fight against corruption, independence of the judiciary and investigation into the banking fraud.

The need for such reforms has not gone away with the voting down of the government.