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On World Tuberculosis Day, we underline our commitment to ending the tuberculosis epidemic by 2030. We call on governments all over the world to redouble their efforts and make this happen.

On Monday 26 – Tuesday 27 March, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, Federica Mogherini will be in Uzbekistan to participate in the Tashkent Conference on Afghanistan: "Peace process, security cooperation and regional connectivity".


26 – 27 марта Федерика Могерини, Верховный Представитель ЕС по иностранным делам и политике безопасности и Заместитель Председателя Европейской Комиссии, будет находиться в Узбекистане для участия в Ташкентской конференции по Афганистану «Мирный процесс, сотрудничество в сфере безопасности и региональное взаимодействие».


Students and Higher education institutions have been and will remain a key sector for assistance of the European Union and it member states


From 19 to 23 March 2018, a group of officials from law enforcement, police & intelligence agencies in Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda Somalia and South Sudan met for a one-week seminar at the International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC) in Karen, Nairobi. 

The seminar was organised by the Regional counter-terrorism (CT) law enforcement project – Horn of Africa  & Yemen, which is financed by the European Union (EU).  The implementation of the ongoing project, which is based at and working out of Nairobi, has been entrusted to a consortium of EU member state agencies. 

The European Council has requested High Representative Federica Mogherini to recall the Head of the EU Delegation in the Russian Federation for consultations in Brussels. The Head of Delegation has been instructed accordingly by the High Representative and is expected to arrive in Brussels this weekend for consultations with her.

How many of us take water for granted? If we turn on the tap and no water comes out, we panic, even if there is simply no hot water but only cold water, we panic… Water is an essential building block of life. Access to water, in particular safe drinking water, is a fundamental right, yet, it is still a challenge in many parts of the world.