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To strengthen the agriculture crop production and natural resource management capacities and access to alternative income sources. To strengthen the risk management capacity and key food security stakeholders through improved early warning and resilience knowledge management.

To increase the capacities of Syrian women activists and women CSOs, as well as key stakeholders within the Syrian drama industry, to promote women’s inclusion in the transition process.

Improving the ability of bloggers and netizens to encourage and facilitate dialogue between different interest groups; setting new standards for independent journalism for the aftermath of the conflict; establishing a sustainable model for online training and mentoring to help fill skills gaps after the war.

To provide vulnerable children and young people affected by the civil war in Syria have the necessary skills, coping mechanisms and self-confidence to participate in their own recovery.

To increase the capacities of Syrian human rights groups and activists to promote accountability for human rights violations in Syria and in neighbouring countries, while enhancing their protection and the sustainability of their work

To respond quickly to the needs of the Syrian population in a way that is conducive to local governance, early recovery and stabilization, by directly engaging with reliable partners inside Syria to deliver basic services to the population and secondarily to support the local Turkish authorities’ efforts to decrease tensions between Syrian refugees and their Turkish host populations.

To continue to provide affected Palestine refugees with access to education, health and social assistance.