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On18 August 2017, the Thai Deputy Permanent Secretary Mr. Vitavas Srivihok and the chargé d'affaires of the EU Delegation to Thailand Ms. Luisa Ragher officially launched the EU-ASEAN Youth Camp for Sustainable Development.

The Overall objective is to strengthen policies, practices and approaches to ensure social welfare services prevent and protect 12 650 children across Guyana from sexual violence by Dec 2015.

AGAPE’s Project Hope is to interrupt and eradicate the cycle of gender-based violence within the communities of Sophia, including Block X Lilienndaal, Pattensen, portions of Turkeyen, Cummings Lodge and their environs, through the provision of effective preventive and protective measures.

The general objective of the program is to improve efficiency, quality and sustainability of the potable water services and improve sanitation infrastructure in Georgetown and other areas along the coast.

The objective of the project is to develop a collaborative approach to investigation and control of zoonotic diseases among the human, animal, and wildlife health sectors through education and joint action. (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal)

Le projet vise à renforcer les capacités stratégiques du Ministère de la Santé au niveau central, relancer les services de santé essentiels et de qualité dans la région de Nzérékoré et appuyer la centrale d'achats de médicaments.

The general objective of the project was to contribute to the national goal of poverty reduction through upscaling the production and consumption of charcoal. The project looked for innovative and cost effective alternatives to replace charring kilns which were too expensive to run and cumbersome for producers.