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An den Gipfeltreffen der EU mit der CELAC (der Gemeinschaft der Lateinamerikanischen und Karibischen Staaten) nehmen führende Politiker aus Europa sowie Lateinamerika und der Karibik teil; dabei geht es darum, die Beziehungen zwischen beiden Regionen zu stärken.


Sastanci na vrhu EU-a i CELAC-a okupljaju europske, latinoameričke i karipskečelnike kako bi se ojačali odnosi između dviju regija.

As cimeiras UE-CELAC reúnem os dirigentes europeus, latino-americanos e das Caraíbas a fim de reforçar as relações entre as duas regiões.


ES un Latīņamerikas un Karību jūras reģiona valstu kopienas (CELAC) samiti pulcēEiropas, Latīņamerikas un Karību jūras reģiona valstu vadītājus, lai stiprinātu attiecības starp abiem reģioniem.


Į ES ir CELAC aukščiausiojo lygio susitikimus Europos, Lotynų Amerikos ir Karibų valstybių vadovai susirenka, kad sustiprintų abiejų regionų tarpusavio santykius.

Mr President,

It is an honour for me to address the Security Council in my first months as High Representative of the European Union. I would like to thank the French Presidency of the Council for this opportunity to discuss our partnership. And I would like to thank you, Mr Secretary General, for your briefing but most of all for your friendship and for the excellent cooperation we have established already during these months.


Ce 9 mars, l'Union européenne accueillait des hommes d'affaires venus des quatre coins de la Libye pour se réunir à Bruxelles. Cette réunion était une initiative libyenne soutenue par la mission d'appui des Nations unies en Libye (MANUL) et la Banque mondiale.


Today 9 March, the European Union hosted in Brussels a meeting of Libyan businessmen from all across the country. This event was a Libyan initiative supported also by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the World Bank.


"Europe’s commitment to multilateralism – with the UN at its core – stems from our values and beliefs. But it is also an act of realism. The threats we face have never been so complex. They require complex, articulated responses. The time when super-powers thought they could split the world into spheres of influence is long gone – we should all realise that. The number of regional and global actors has multiplied. And none of them can realistically aspire at facing challenges, or truly benefiting from opportunities, alone. We need cooperation, more than ever. The new global order will be multilateral, or it will not be" - Federica Mogherini.