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В распространенном сегодня решении экспертная группа Всемирной торговой организации (ВТО) подтвердила, что импортные пошлины России на бумажную продукцию, холодильники и пальмовое масло нарушают правила ВТО. Импортные пошлины превышают те, на которые Россия согласилась, когда вступала в ВТО. Это первый случай вынесения решения в отношении России в рамках ВТО.


The regrettable significant increase of demolitions of Palestinian structures by the Israeli authorities in 2016 appears to be continuing following the end of Ramadan. Since then, 107 Palestinian structures have been demolished, displacing 136 people, including 60 children.


With the situation in Syria deteriorating even further in recent weeks and two million people trapped in Aleppo by intense fighting, the EU has added to calls for an immediate ceasefire to allow humanitarian access and to restart intra-Syrian talks.

In a ruling circulated today, a WTO panel confirmed that Russian import duties on paper, refrigerators and palm oil violate WTO rules. The import duties exceed those Russia agreed to when it joined the WTO. This is the first case ever decided in the WTO against Russia.


O Centro de Coordenação das Resposta de Emergência da UE (Emergency Response and Coordination Centre - ERCC) ativou o Mecanismo de Protecção Civil da União Europeia dando resposta a uma solicitação do Escritório das Nações Unidas para a Coordenação de Assuntos Humanitários (UNOCHA) que mobilizou uma equipa da Agencia das Nações Unidas para a Avaliação e Coordenação de Desastres (UNDAC) para Cabo Verde.

Several towns in Thailand have been targeted in a series of bomb attacks, killing and wounding Thai and foreign citizens

La Ministre de la Femme, de la Famille et de l’Enfance, Madame Samira Merai, a inauguré la conférence nationale consacrée à la promotion de l’entreprenariat féminin

The EU is fully committed to supporting the work of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to take action against the perpetrators of crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. Full cooperation with the ICC is a prerequisite for the Court's effective functioning.