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The European Union jointly with the Government of Puntland launched the second phase of the Puntland Education Sector Support Programme. The Waxbarashadu Waa Iftiin (Education is Light) phase II programme launched today is implemented by a consortium of NGOs comprising CARE, Save the Children, ADRA and VU Amsterdam University, and in close coordination with the Ministry of Education, Puntland.

Los Jefes de Misión de la UE han expresado su opinión sobre el proceso de selección de los magistrados de la Corte Suprema de Justicia en Honduras.

Today, the EU Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) – composed of Ministers of Foreign Affairs from the 28 Member States and chaired by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini – adopted a document setting out EU priorities at the UN Human Rights fora in 2016.

今年歐盟館的主題是歐洲作家-其人其書。代表作家及作品由駐台之歐盟會員國推薦,呈現歐洲文化的多樣性。作家們橫跨文藝復興時期至當代,他們的傑作忠實反映獨特歷史脈絡與個人觀點。文學是文化的體現。透過其人其書,我們可以更深入的了解歐洲文化。歐盟館意象以義大利插畫家Andrea Milano 設計的"United in Diversity" 貫穿。別樹一幟的歐洲地圖包含地理知識與國家特色。閱讀不止是穿梭書頁,而是下段美好旅程的濫殤。


On 15 February 2016, the EU amended its integrated border management assistance mission in Libya (EUBAM Libya) to provide for a civilian planning capacity.