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Jerusalem, 8 December 2016


Local Statement on administrative detention of Palestinians in Israeli prisons


The European Union Representative, the EU Heads of Mission and the Heads of Mission of Switzerland and Norway in Jerusalem and Ramallah issue the following statement.



08 كانون الأول 2016

ممثل الاتحاد الأوروبي ورؤساء بعثات  دول الاتحاد الأوروبي في القدس ورام الله ورئيسي بعثتي سويسرا والنرويج يصدرون البيان التالي.

رؤساء البعثات في القدس ورام الله يكررون قلقهم الدائم والمستمر من استخدام اسرائيل المكثف للاعتقال الاداري بدون تهم  رسمية. محمد أبو سخة، وهو مدرب في مدرسة سيرك فلسطين، تم اعتقاله ادرايا لمدة سنة تقريبا واتخاذ قرار لتمديد محتمل للاعتقال قد يتم في غضون الأيام المقبلة.


Seminário foi promovido pelo projeto MT Brasil, co-financiado pela União Europeia. O objetivo é fortalecer a capacidade do Governo Brasileiro para gerenciar novos fluxos migratórios

The Israeli Knesset is in the process of adopting the so-called "Regularisation Bill" which could lead to legalisation of numerous illegal settlements and outposts, built on private Palestinian land in violation of Israeli and international law, by confiscating property rights of Palestinians for settler use. 

If it passes, this would be the first law adopted by the Knesset on the status of land in the West Bank, an occupied territory not under its jurisdiction. Senior members of the Israeli government have called this a step towards annexation of the West Bank.