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Сегодня Вигаудас Ушацкас, посол Европейского Союза в Российской Федерации, сделал следующее заявление:


The European Union (EU) and Community Organizations Development Institute Public Organization (CODI) co-organised a seminar titled “Civil Society and Thailand Sustainable Development".

The sugarcane industry remains an important sector of the Fijian economy. The industry supports the livelihoods of almost 200,000 Fijians. The European Union (EU) is a key development partner for Fiji’s sugarcane industry and the people whose livelihoods depend on it. As part of its Accompanying Measures for Sugar Protocol programme (AMSP 2013), the EU is implementing 11 projects, with a total investment of around FJ$100 million, in partnership with a number of national and international agencies and relevant Fiji Government ministries. One such collaboration is with the Australian Government in the context of the Training Support to the Fiji Sugarcane Industry project.