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The Civilian Capacity Building Mission EUCAP supports the work of the Somali Police. The recent donation of smartphones with mapping grids for locating unexploded ordnance is part of a wider support programme to free Somalia from this danger.

Preduzeća će imati koristi zajedničkog paketa vrijednog 85 miliona eura za ublažavanje uticaja pandemije COVID-19.

Ekonomija EU će ove godine doživjeti duboku recesiju usljed pandemije koronavirusa, uprkos brzom i sveobuhvatnom odgovoru politike i na nivou EU i na nacionalnom nivou. Pošto se ukidanje mjera za blokiranje kretanja odvija postupnije nego što se pretpostavljalo u proljećnoj prognozi, uticaj na ekonomsku aktivnost u 2020. godini biće značajniji nego što se predviđalo.

Today, the Government of Rwanda and the European Union signed a financing agreement for € 10 million (about Frw 10.8 million) to support private sector development and job creation in Rwanda. This grant is part of the EU's 460 million package of support to Rwanda for the period going until end of 2020.

The EU economy will experience a deep recession this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, despite the swift and comprehensive policy response at both EU and national levels. Because the lifting of lockdown measures is proceeding at a more gradual pace than assumed in our Spring Forecast, the impact on economic activity in 2020 will be more significant than anticipated.

This component is one of the six components of the project on “Promoting transparency and action against economic crime” (CA TAEC), which is part of the Joint Council of Europe – EU “Central Asia – Rule of Law Programme”. The project’s overall objectives are to: (1) Enhance business integrity and compliance in the private sector, reducing administrative barriers and ensuring the protection of rights of entrepreneurs; and (2) Enhance the effectiveness of anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and asset recovery systems in Turkmenistan.