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Yevropa Ittifoqi Kengashi elchi Teri Xakalani 2021 yil 1 iyuldan boshlab Yevropa Ittifoqining Markaziy Osiyo bo'yicha maxsus vakili (YeIMV) lavozimiga tayinladi.

Совет Европейского Союза назначил посла Тери Хакала на должность Специального представителя ЕС (СПЕС) в Центральной Азии, начиная с 1 июля 2021 года.


The Council of the European Union has appointed Ambassador Terhi Hakala to serve as the EU Special Representative (EUSR) for Central Asia, starting on 1 July 2021.

The Government of Austria, as part of Team Europe, in collaboration with the Delegation of the European Union for the Pacific, has provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) valued over FJD 156,270.00 to assist the Government of Fiji’s rigorous efforts to contain the second wave of COVID-19

Жорий йилнинг 10 июнь куни мамлакатимизнинг чекка ҳудудларидан бири бўлган Қашқадарё вилоятининг Деҳқонобод туманида янги, замонавий Давлат хизматлари марказининг (ДХМ) очилиш маросими бўлиб ўтди.

10 июня т.г. в Дехканабадком районе Кашкадарьинской области, являющимся одним из отдаленных регионов страны, состоялась торжественная церемония открытия нового современного Центра государственных услуг (ЦГУ). Данный центр создан совместно Агентством государственных услуг, ПРООН и Европейским Союзом.


On 10th of June 2021 an opening ceremony took place for the new modern Public Services Center (PSC) in Dekhkanabad district of Kashkadarya region, which is one of the remote areas of the country. This Center is established in partnership with the Public Services Agency, UNDP and the European Union.

After more than six months of collaboration with government partners for the scoping and design of early warning systems, Mercy Corps and Similie with support from the Korea International Cooperation Agency and the European Union are excited to announce the launch of a Dili-based flood early warning system, targeting major rivers with flood risk in Dili. While this system will unfortunately come too late for April's devastating floods in Dili, it will help prepare Dili for any future floods that the capital will face.