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The Pitcairns are a group of 4 small islands in the middle of the south Pacific with a population of just 50.

The Commission delivers on its commitment to speed up the implementation of the Facility announcing €20 million to increase the capacity of the Turkish Coast Guard and €27 million to facilitate refugees' access to education. The total amount contracted under the Facility is now close to €240 million

Niue is a self-governing state that has a close relationship (a 'free association') with New Zealand, which includes citizenship for Niueans as well as considerable aid.

The EU and the Maldives have maintained very close cooperation over the past few decades. Diplomatic relations were established in 1983, with the Commission Head of Delegation in Colombo being accredited as non-resident Ambassador to the Maldives.

The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) is a sovereign island nation consisting of 4 states and 607 islands, with a population of around 106,000.

Like many other Pacific island states, it has few natural resources except fisheries.

EU relations and cooperation with Montserrat are carried out both on bilateral and regional basis, the latter within the framework of the on-going EU-CELAC and EU-CARIFORUM dialogues.

Kiribati (capital: South Tarawa) is a small state composed of 33 coral atolls/islands with a population of just over 100,000.

It has few natural resources apart from fisheries.

The EU is the world’s largest donor of humanitarian aid, providing assistance to crisis zones, countries facing post-conflict instability and countries dealing with ‘forgotten crises’.


L’Union européenne est le premier donateur mondial d’aide humanitaire: elle fournit cette aide à des zones de crise, des pays où les conflits ont fait place à l'instabilité et des pays qui doivent gérer des «crises oubliées».


The Directorate-General for Trade in the European Commission helps to develop and implement EU trade policy. Along with the EU's Trade Commissioner, we aim to shape a trade environment that is good for people and for business.