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Walking with Ali: Making life easier for refugees with disabilities

The crisis in Syria has displaced millions over more than five years. While thousands of Syrian refugees have fled to Europe, the vast majority of more than 4.8 million displaced Syrians have remained in the Middle East, seeking refuge in neighbouring countries such as Lebanon. Some stay because they do not wish to venture too far from their homeland, but for many others, the perilous journey and the financial burden attached to it make it impossible to travel any further. In Lebanon, more than one quarter of the population is now composed of refugees from Syria.

To say that life in a refugee settlement is difficult is an understatement. But living with a disability in a makeshift shelter adds layers of challenge that could make an already tough situation simply unbearable.

Medair, with support from the European Commission provides personalised assistance to refugees living with disabilities and to the elderly; this includes beds, paved walkways, handrails and furniture that allow for greater comfort and freedom of movement.

Read more about the EU's humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees.


Story: © MEDAIR/Bethany Williams/Kate Kardol

A Delegação da União Europeia na República de Cabo Verde prevê lançar um novo convite a apresentação de propostas para as Organizações da Sociedade Civil, ao abrigo do Programa Temático para Organizações da Sociedade Civil e Autoridades Locais, em 2016.

Sexta-feira 1 de Julho a partir das 9:30 em Antula-Takir (Bissau) será inaugurado o Centro CEDAVES-Centro de Promoção e Desenvolvimento de Avicultura Familiar e será lançado o mesmo projeto "Nó pui asas pa disinvolvimentu” - Promoção da fileira avícola na Guiné-Bissau (FED/2015/358-745), ambos financiados pela União Europeia. A cerimónia contará com a participação de representantes da União Europeia, da FAO, do Ministério Agricultura e outras instituições.

In accordance with Article 8 of the Cotonou Agreement, the Government of the Republic of Uganda and the European Union (EU) held on 28th June, 2016, a political dialogue during which the two parties discussed matters of mutual interest regarding their cooperation. The dialogue took place in an open, cordial and a constructive atmosphere on the basis of a jointly agreed agenda.