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To support grassroot livelihood activities in the form of small business initiatives, in particular in the agriculture sector; to provide psycho-social care for IDPs and host communities.

Ensure well-coordinated livelihoods and early recovery response that provides IDPs and their host communities with rapid employment opportunities to enhance service delivery and rehabilitate basic community infrastructure; and creates/stabilises basic livelihoods in view of supporting spontaneous recovery efforts.

Monitor and assess the Syrian cultural heritage situation through updated and continued knowledge and documentation; mitigate the destruction and loss of Syrian cultural heritage through national and international awareness raising efforts; protect and safeguard Syrian cultural heritage through enhanced technical assistance to and capacity-building of national stakeholders and beneficiaries.

to improve regular access to safe education through the provision of fortified school snacks. To revitalise local entreprise through local purchase

Contribute to improving access and attendance rates to primary and alternative education for children and adolescents most affected by the conflict in selected intervention areas in Syria.

To create protective environments for war-affected children by providing access to education and psychosocial support for both displaced and host communities in Northern Syria. The project will engage local communities, Civil Society Organizations and Local Councils (without benefits or direct assistance to the administration).

To strengthen capacity and cooperation of the civil society organisations and local councils for improved service-delivery while addressing medium-term non-humanitarian needs in northern Syria.