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Niamey, 5 mai 2016. Dans le cadre de la visite du Représentant Spécial de l’Union européenne (UE) pour le Sahel, Ángel LOSADO, du Secrétaire Général Adjoint du Service d’Action Extérieure de l’UE en charge de la réponse aux crises, Pedro SERRANO, et de l’envoyé spécial du gouvernement Néerlandais pour la Migration, Bram VAN OJIK, EUCAP Sahel Niger a sollicité la tenue de sessions extraordinaires du Comité Technique et du Comité de Pilotage qui constituent un cadre régulier d’échange entre la mission et les partenaires nigériens.

The Japanese Government has provided over €267,000 to support FMH industry and Trade Company operating in the Jericho Agro Industrial Park (JAIP). This is the second payment under the Palestinian Authority's PRIDE (Partnership for Regional Investment, Development & Employment) Programme of Incentives to JAIP. The Japanese contribution is being channelled through the PEGASE mechanism.

Washington D.C., 4 May 2016
Thank you, John. Just a few words to thank you for receiving me again here in Washington. People will start saying I’m more in Washington than Brussels, which is a pleasure.

Under the Horizon 2020 current work programme 2016/2017 eight topics are published under different societal challenges or Horizon 2020 pillars encouraging the participation of international–most importantly Chinese–institutions and researchers in the proposals.


Ninayo furaha kubwa kuwa nanyi siku hii ya leo. Asanteni sana kwa kutualika.


It is truly a pleasure to be in Mwanza, on the shores of a lake that is as large as a sea. I did not realise that Mwanza is also the second largest city of Tanzania. I hope I will have the time to see the impressive Bismarck Rocks.


It is also a pleasure for the European Union to be present again at celebrations for the World Press Freedom Day in Tanzania. Last year the event in Morogoro was as vibrant and received a lot of coverage.


Dear Heads of Academic Departments


Lecturers and Tutors


Dear Students


Ladies and Gentlemen



It is a pleasure to be here today at the St-Augustine University of Tanzania.

Nashukuru kukutana na taifa la leo na la kesho la Tanzania

I am happy to learn that this is a centre of learning that has the respect for human dignity at the heart of its mission. The European Union shares this fundamental value.

Today, Stefano Manservisi was appointed as Director-General of DG Development and International cooperation of the European Commission, after having served as Head of my cabinet since the beginning of the mandate.