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The project aims to reduce gender-based violence in the target communities, with a special focus on non-consensual marriage practices, by tackling the root causes of violence against women and girls, namely deep-rooted patriarchal attitudes, pervasive gender stereotypes and harmful social norms.

The project aims to promote sustainable and inclusive development in rural areas of Leilek and Batken districts through increased participation of CSOs in local development.

The project aims to strengthen the engagement of CSOs with judicial authorities and law enforcement bodies to take concrete actions on prevention of torture. The estimated number of beneficiaries of the project is nearly 120,000 people and all population of Kyrgyzstan.

The project aims to assist in strengthening the respect of the rule of law in the Kyrgyz Republic by promoting transparency and accountability measures leading to a more sustainable and inclusive performance of public councils.

A mission of Senior Officials from the European Union (EU) will arrive in Male on the 13 January 2018 for a three-day working visit to the Maldives before proceeding to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

In the tiny island nation of Timor-Leste, child malnutrition has become a critical public health problem. An estimated 50 per cent of children suffer from a form malnutrition called stunting – one of the highest rates in Asia. But most often, the problem isn’t lack of food – it’s lack of information.

11 January 2018, New York – Statement on behalf of the European Union delivered by H.E. Ambassador João Vale de Almeida, Head of the European Union Delegation to the United Nations, at the 72nd Session of the United Nations on the Secretary-General’s Report on “Making Migration Work for All”.

Camp UCATEX/MOANA, in Bangui, site of the Headquarters of the European Union Training Mission in Central African Republic, hosted the Transfer of Authority of EUTM RCA on 11 January 2018, during a ceremony led by the acting Director of the Military Planning and Conduction Capability, General Daniel GRAMMATICO, in presence of the Central African Republic Ministry of Defense Noelle Koyara and some other international and national military and civil authorities.

Are you a university student or a recent graduate? Are you looking for work experience at the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Union’s financing institution? If so, you may beInterested candidates should consult the EIB’s website at where positions will be published interested in the ACP Internship Programme. The deadline for submission is January 22, 2018.