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Following a series of eruptions of Mount Agung volcano in Indonesia’s island of Bali since late September, the European Union (EU) is making available EUR 100,000 (approx. IDR 1.6 billion) to deliver emergency relief assistance to the most affected families. The aid will directly benefit 11,000 people in some of the worst-hit districts of Bangli, Bulenleng, Gianyar, and Karangasem.

A three-day national workshop for the State Committee of Veterinary of Uzbekistan will start in Tashkent on 12 December 2017 aimed at institutional capacity building on veterinary import checks. The training will be facilitated by the EU Experts Ms. Iveta Zemniece and Ms. Sandra Smulko, officials of the Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Latvia. The event is organized by the Border Management Programme in Central Asia (BOMCA) funded by the European Union.


12 декабря 2017г. в Ташкенте начнет свою работу трехдневный национальный семинар для Государственного комитета ветеринарии Узбекистана, целью которого является укрепление институционального потенциала в вопросах проверок ветеринарного импорта. Тренинг пройдет под рукводством экспертов из Европейского Союза г-жи Иветы Земниеце и г-жи Сандры Смулько, представителей Продовольственно-ветеринарной службы Латвийской Республики. Мероприятие организовано в рамках Программы содействия управлению границами в Центральной Азии (БОМКА), финансируемой Европейским Союзом.


With more than 600,000 cases pending in dockets each year for the past decade, the Philippines suffers from justice system overload. The European Union provides technical assistance in the justice sector to help address the issue of court congestion and delays. Part of this assistance is through supporting initiatives that hasten legal processes, such as in capacity building for legal practitioners.