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1 марта отмечается День взаимодействия Азии и Европы (День АСЕМ), призванный подчеркнуть важность связи двух континентов — Азии и Европы — на основе принципов равного партнерства и взаимного уважения.

Cérémonie des couleurs organisée le 24 février 2018 au sein de l'EUTM-RCA.

March 1 marks ASEM Day, which celebrates the importance of connecting the two continents, Asia and Europe, based on the principles of equal partnership and mutual respect.

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker visited Montenegro as part of an official tour of the Western Balkans.

Every 1 March, the Asia-Europe Meeting Day (ASEM Day) promotes connectivity and partnership between Asia and Europe. In Europe and in Asia, opportunities for exchange and encounters involve young people, students, lecturers, the business world or the diplomatic community. ASEM is a unique, informal platform for dialogue and cooperation between Asia and Europe on the big challenges of a fast-changing world, such as connectivity, trade and investment, climate change, but also broad security challenges such as counter-terrorism, migration, maritime security and cyber issues.

Las Embajadas de Italia, Alemania, Canadá, España, los Estados Unidos de América, Francia, Reino Unido, Suecia, Suiza, la Delegación de la Unión Europea y el Sistema de Naciones Unidas, miembros del Grupo de Donantes en Guatemala G131, desean manifestar lo siguiente: