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Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on the attacks in Afghanistan


As part of the celebrations of Europe Day 2018, the Office of the EU Representative in the West Bank and Gaza is organizing an "EU village" in Bethlehem. EU Member States will be participating in the village which offers a taste of Europe! 

The EU village will also have a dedicated zone for kids to explore science and cultural performances organized with EU partners in Palestine.

Dans le cadre de la célébration de la Journée de l'Europe le 9 mai, la Délégation de l'Union européenne et les Etats membres de l'UE au Bénin organisent une "Semaine de l'Europe" du 4 au 12 mai 2018 ciblant en particulier la jeunesse et faite de plusieurs activités informatives, ludiques et culturelles.

This annual film festival will showcase 93 European films from 24 European countries. It will show a full repertoire from classics to the latest award-winning films, as well as the best in short animations and documentaries. The festival is jointly organised by the European diplomatic and cultural representations in Indonesia.

All screenings and events are FREE.


Through this Programme , the EU and European Financing Institutions (KfW , EIB, and AFD) aim at Providing water to Additional 533 thousand inhabitants and improving water and wastewater services to three million inhabitants in Gharbia, Sharkia, Dameitta, and Beheira. The overall budget is €295 million, of which the EU contribution is €34 million in grants.


من خلال هذا المشروع، يهدف الاتحاد الأوروبي والجهات التمويلية الأوروبية (مصرف KFW، وبنك الاستثمار الأوروبي، والوكالة الفرنسية للتنمية) إلى توصيل المياه إلى 533 ألف مواطن، وتحسين خدمات المياه والصرف المقدمة لثلاثة ملايين مواطن في محافظات الغربية، والشرقية، ودمياط، والبحيرة. وتبلغ إجمالي ميزانية المشروع ٢٩٥ مليون يورو، يسهم الاتحاد الأوروبي فيها بـ٣٤ مليون يورو في شكل منح مالية.


The project aims to establish the first integrated Capacity Development Programme aiming at building capacities in affiliated companies in Operation, Maintenance and Project Management skills and at building a model to achieve financial stability. Furthermore the project assisted the implementation of the first National Water Conservation Media Awareness Competition.


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