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La jefa de la Misión de observación electoral de la Unión Europea, la eurodiputada Renate Weber, se desplazará hoy a la ciudad de Trujillo dentro de su programa de visitas a diferentes departamentos del país. En la capital departamental, la Sra. Weber se entrevistará con las autoridades y representantes locales de diferentes partidos políticos para conocer de cerca la realidad política y electoral del departamento de La Libertad.

"The European Commission is providing about 60 000 EUR in humanitarian funding to assist most-affected populations in response to the floods and mudflows which hit nine districts of Tajikistan on 9-12 May 2016.
Heavy rains throughout Tajikistan triggered floods and mudslides killing five persons, affecting over 1500 households and leaving them without shelter and food, damaging arable land critical infrastructure, and killing livestock."

Баъд аз обхезиҳо ва селобаҳое, ки дар нӯҳ ноҳияи Тоҷикистон 9-12 майи соли 2016 ба вуқӯъ пайваста зарар оварданд, Комиссияи Аврупо ҷиҳати расонидани кӯмаки башардӯстона ба онҳое, ки аз ҳама беш зарар дидаанд, 60 000 евроро ҷудо намудааст.

Душанбе, 01 июня 2016 года – В ответ на наводнения и оползни, произошедшие в девяти районах Таджикистана 9-12 мая 2016 года, Европейская Комиссия выделила 60 000 евро для финансирования гуманитарной помощи наиболее пострадавшему населению.
Проливные дожди в Таджикистане вызвали наводнения и оползни, в результате которых погибло пять человек, 1500 домохозяйств осталось без крова и пищи, повреждена важнейшая инфраструктура пахотных земель, уничтожен домашний скот


The project aims to improve the capacity of populations living in selected sub-districts vulnerable to climate change risks to cope with climate change effects through the sustainable management of their natural resources and the improvement of their livelihood options, by using local development mechanisms and taking social inclusion and conflict management into account.

International Labour Conference - 105th session (30th May – 10th June 2016) - Committee on Promoting Decent Work in Global Supply Chains - Q3: What kinds of governance systems, including standards, in GSCs can best support the achievement of growth, decent work and inclusive development and how can synergie

International Labour Conference - 105th session (30th May – 10th June 2016) - Committee on Promoting Decent Work in Global Supply Chains - Q4: What should Governments and the social partners do in order for GSCs to achieve stronger coherence between economic outcomes and decent work, including respect for international labour standards? What can other actors do? What should the ILO do to support these efforts?

International Labour Conference - 105th session (30th May – 10th June 2016) - Committee on Advancing Social Justice - Reviewing the impact of the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization - Point C: ILO means of action

At their meeting in Hangzhou, China, on 4-5 September 2016, G20 leaders adopted a communique focusing on:  

  • strengthening the G20 growth agenda
  • pursuing innovative growth concepts and policies
  • building an open world economy
  • ensuring that economic growth benefits all countries and people

The communique also covers the migration and refugee crisis, the fight against terrorism and climate change.