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The European Union Delegation to Uzbekistan hosted Pavlina Nikolova and Augusto Gonzalez this morning, representatives from the EU Satellite Navigation Programs Directorate of the European Commission. The purpose of the visit was to present to the Uzbek parties the programs of the EU Space Policy, namely "Galileo" and “EGNOS”, respectively the EU's global and regional satellite navigation systems.

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Thank you Madame President.

This is a critical moment for Bolivia - a moment when maximum restraint and a strongest possible sense of responsibility is needed, both inside and outside the country. Delicate moments like this require firm rejection of violence at the highest level of statesmanship from all.

Libreville, le 14 novembre 2019 -Mme Rosario BENTO PAIS, Ambassadrice extraordinaire et plénipotentiaire de l'Union européenne au Gabon, a récemment effectué une visite de courtoisie au Premier Ministre, M. Julien NKOGHE BEKALE.

زار رؤساء التعاون في ممثليات دول الاتحاد الأوروبي في القدس ورام الله بالأمس قريتي كردلة وعين البيضاء الواقعتين في المنطقة جيم في غور الأردن. وأحيط الفريق علماً بالمشاريع التي يمولها الاتحاد الأوروبي والدول الأعضاء فيه التي تدعم المجتمعات الفلسطينية في المنطقة. وخلال الزيارة، افتتحت المجموعة مبنى متعدد الأغراض في قرية كردلة بتمويل من الاتحاد الأوروبي.


European Union Heads of Cooperation in Jerusalem and Ramallah visited yesterday Kardala and Ein El Beida villages located in Area C in the Jordan Valley. The group was briefed on projects funded by the EU and its Member States supporting the Palestinian communities in the area. During the visit, the group inaugurated a multipurpose building at Kardala village funded by the European Union.


The European Investment Bank (EIB) has provided a credit line facility of up to 10 million EUR (approx. 160 million SZL) to fund small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Eswatini who want to start or grow their existing businesses.

The effect in the rule of law is crucial for the speed and quality of accession negotiations, since the speed and quality are closely related categories, as it was concluded during the debate "Speed and (or) quality of negotiations," which was organised by the NGO Centre for Civic Education, the Embassy of Finland, and the EU Info Centre.