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On 23 November 2020, the European Union and Mongolia took stock of their good trade relations, and looked at opportunities to further strengthen their bilateral trade and investment cooperation agenda.

Security now features as a political priority in many bilateral dialogues and the EU funds initiatives that help strengthening countries’ and societies’ resilience in the Neighbourhood regions. In a fast evolving environment, tackling security related issues efficiently requires joint efforts and a creative mix of tools and actions. The EU is working closely with its Eastern and Southern neighbours on the following security-related areas, while maintaining human rights and good governance at the center of this cooperation.

Dear colleagues,

 Dear friends,

 Thank you the OSCE Presence in Albania for the invitation today to discuss how organised crime and corruption can be addressed through the re-use of confiscated criminal assets.

 The fight against organised crime and corruption is a key priority for Albania on its path towards European Integration. I am a strong advocate of the "follow-the-money approach", focusing on seizure and confiscation of illegally gained assets, which has proven very effective in countries like Italy.


The European Union today reconfirmed its long-standing solidarity and partnership with the people of Afghanistan, pledging support of €1.2 billion over the period 2021–2025 in both long-term and emergency assistance at the 2020 Afghanistan Conference “Peace, Prosperity and Self-Reliance”.

Yevropa Ittifoqining kimyoviy, biologik, radiologik va yadroviy masalalar bo'yicha ilg'or tajriba markazlari tashabbusi (YI KBRY ITM) doirasida 2020 yil 10-11 noyabr kunlari kotibiyatlar rahbarlarining 8-onlayn uchrashuvi tashkil etildi, unda YI KBRY ITM tashabbusi sakkizta mintaqaviy kotibiyatlarining rahbarlari va rahbar o'rinbosarlari ishtirok etdi. Uchrashuvning maqsadi YI KBRY ITM tashabbusining strategik va tashkiliy jihatlarini muhokama qilish edi.

В рамках Инициативы Центров передового опыта Европейского Союза по химическим, биологическим, радиологическим и ядерным вопросам (ЦПО ЕС по ХБРЯ) 10-11 ноября 2020 года была организована 8-я онлайн-встреча глав секретариатов, на которой собрались главы и заместители глав восьми региональных секретариатов Инициативы ЦПО ЕС по ХБРЯ. Целью встречи было обсуждение как стратегических, так и организационных аспектов Инициативы ЦПО ЕС по ХБРЯ.


Within the framework of the of the European Union Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Centers of Excellence (EU CBRN CoE) Initiative, the 8th online meeting of the Heads of Secretariats was organized on November 10-11, 2020, which brought together the Heads and Deputy Heads of eight Regional Secretariats of the EU CBRN CoE Initiative. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss both strategic and organizational aspects of the EU CBRN CoE Initiative.