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Ce projet est cofinancé par l'Union européenne dans le cadre de l'instrument européen de démocratie et droits de l'Homme et suite à un appel à proposition. L'objectif de ce projet est d"accompagner les acteurs locaux pour favoriser des avancées positives vers l'abolition de la peine de mort en Afrique du nord et au Moyen orient (Algérie, Maroc, Mauritanie, Tunisie, Liban, Iran)

The Chairman of the European Union Military Committee (CEUMC), General Mikhail Kostarakos, paid an official visit to Bulgaria, from the 24th to 26th of January, on the invitation by the Chief of Defence, Lieutenant General Andrey Botsev.

In the framework of his visit, the high-ranking EU military official had the honour to be decorated by the Bulgarian Authorities with the Medal of Honour of the Ministry of Defence “St. George,” First Grade.

A regional workshop on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism, jointly organised by the Lebanese National PVE Coordinator and the European Union was held in Beirut on January 17 and 18.


أُقيمت في بيروت في 17 كانون الثاني الجاري و18 منه ورشة عمل إقليمية حول منع التطرف العنيف ومكافحته نظمها المنسق الوطني اللبناني لمنع التطرف العنيف والاتحاد الأوروبي.


The European Commission has adopted the first ever EU Plastics Strategy, which will protect the environment from plastic pollution whilst fostering growth and innovation.

The 10th European Development Fund CARIFORUM Crime and Security Programme was launched today (15 January 20170 in Barbados.