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La Unión Europea celebra su cooperación con El Salvador con la 5º edición del «Mes de Europa»

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The European Commission on 2 May presented its proposal for the next EU budget. The proposal responds to the challenge of the Brexit budget hole as well as rising expectations for the EU to play a greater role in providing security and stability in an unstable world.

Somalia Security High Level Meeting
 Joint Declaration by the Co-Chairs
Brussels, 2 May 2018


Réunion de haut niveau sur la sécurité en Somalie - déclaration conjointe des coprésidents Bruxelles, le 2 mai 2018


The European Commission takes note of the decision of the United States to prolong the European Union’s exemption from import tariffs on steel and aluminium for a short period of time, until 1st June 2018.