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A year into the implementation of the European Union's shared vision and action plan for foreign and security policy, "we see substantial changes in the way we work together" and concrete results which make Europe stronger and safer, High Representative Federica Mogherini said today presenting the first annual report on the EU Global Strategy at the Foreign Affairs Council.

Представляя первый ежегодный доклад о реализации Глобальной стратегии ЕС, Верховный Представитель ЕС Федерика Могерини сказала, что после года реализации общего видения ЕС и плана действий по внешней политике и политике безопасности «мы видим значительные изменения в том, как мы осуществляем совместную работу», и конкретные результаты, которые делают Европу более сильной и защищенной.

The landmark Paris Agreement on climate change was a key achievement of multilateralism, of which both the European Union and Malaysia can and should be proud. Progress on ratification has been extraordinary - the Paris Agreement entered into force on 4th November last year and 147 countries have already ratified it.

Yet there is no room for complacency: for the vision of a global climate-resilient, low-emissions future to actually materialise, we must now focus all our attention on putting our words into action.

European Union Climate Diplomacy Week this year will focus on climate security challenges such as mass migration, food and water scarcity and increased risks of conflicts in the most vulnerable areas of the world. European and Australian security experts, political figures and Ambassadors will be part of the 2017 Climate week.

From Shared Vision to Common Action: Implementing the EU Global Strategy Year 1

35th Session of the Human Rights Council
Geneva, 06-23 June 2017
EU Statement - Item 8: Follow-up and implementation of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action