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To strengthen capacity and cooperation of the civil society organisations and local councils for improved service-delivery while addressing medium-term non-humanitarian needs in northern Syria.

To assist unaccompanied and separated children in Northern Syria by providing shelters , protection and integration in families of origin or alternative care facilities.

To strengthen the capacities of health workers and social workers in Syria, creating pools of mental health practitioners and social workers/educators trained in providing mental health care, psycho-social support and GBV assistance.

Children, women and men with disabilities and injuries within the Syrian population affected by the crisis are represented by civil society organizations that have adequate capacities to advocate for their rights and to contribute to an inclusive democratic transition process

To support the creation of a network of Syrian civil society organisations to mitigate violence and protect civilians and to build communities' capacities on civilian protection.

This brochure contains a number of documents that illustrate the recent developments in the political and security dialogue between the European Union (EU) and Central Asia.