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Full entry into force of the Association Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova

Selected key recommendations from Peer Review mission of Moldovan rule of law institutions

The EU and Moldova: A partnership for prosperity.

Commission Staff Working Document - Mobility partnerships as a tool of the Global Approach to Migration

Joint Declaration on a Mobility Partnerships between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova

Information on rules and proofs of origin that apply to products exported from Moldova to the EU

Austria, The Netherlands and Slovakia contributed to addressing the issue of Civilian Rapid Deployment and organised a workshop on Civilian Capability Development under the auspices of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC) and in close collaboration with the Crisis Management and Planning Directorate, which ran from 7 to 8 July 2016 in Brussels.

EUBAM Advisory Board appraises ongoing reforms and Transnistria conflict settlement efforts

The EU-OECD SIGMA assessment conclusions have been presented to the members of the National Council for Public Administration Reform