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Бо мақсади суръат бахшидани баромад ба бозорҳои берунӣ ва бо пайравӣ аз ҳадафи минтақавии стратегии худ оид ба дастгирии ҳамгироии кишварҳои Осиёи Марказӣ ба иқтисоди ҷаҳонӣ аъзоёни консорсиуми калони минтақавии “CANDY” бо иштироки шарикон оид ба рушд семинареро баргузор намуданд, ки ба масъалаҳои аз худ кардани бозорҳо равона гардида буд.

С целью ускорения выхода на внешние рынки и следуя своей региональной стратегической цели по поддержке интеграции стран Центральной Азии в глобальную экономику, члены большого регионального консорциума “CANDY” с участием партнёров по развитию провели семинар, посвященный вопросам освоения рынков.


In order to accelerate access to external markets following the regional strategic goal to support the integration of Central Asian countries into the global economy, the regional consortium "CANDY", with the participation of other development cooperation partners organized a workshop on market development.

The European Union (EU) Ambassador to Ghana, Mr. Irchad Razaaly, yesterday, 27 September 2021, launched a week-long training for police officers under the Counter-Terrorism (CT) Public Spaces programme funded by the European Union.

Ghana benefits from this regional project together with Kenya and Senegal. In all, eighteen selected participants will receive training in Accra in the areas of risk analysis and relevant procedures designed to prevent, eliminate or mitigate terrorist threats. Spanish officers, in collaboration with Belgian police, are implementing the programme.

À l’occasion du douzième anniversaire des massacres du stade du 28 septembre 2009, les ambassades des États-Unis d’Amérique et de la France, ainsi que la délégation de l’Union européenne continuent de soutenir les appels pour que les personnes responsables des atrocités commises rendent compte de leurs actes. 

The 23rd EU Annual Report on Arms Exports was adopted by the Council today, informing in detail on arms sales authorised by EU Member States in 2020. It is the fastest annual report adoption until now, within 9 months of the end of the year reported on.