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Under the EU Regional Law Enforcement project for Horn of Africa and Yemen, the EU organised a workshop for senior officers from the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit

"Tous les êtres humains naissent libres et égaux en dignité et en droits", article 1 de la Déclaration des Droits de l'homme. La Déclaration est le socle sur lequel s'appuient les protecteurs des droits de l'homme à travers le monde.

Yesterday’s attack by drones on two ARAMCO oil facilities in Saudi Arabia poses a real threat to regional security. At a time when tensions in the region are running high, this attack undermines ongoing work at de-escalation and dialogue. 

We express our sympathy to the Saudi authorities and to the Saudi people.

It is important to clearly establish the facts and determine responsibility for this deplorable attack. 

At the same time the European Union repeats its call for maximum restraint and de-escalation

The Delegation of the European Union in Sudan coordinates with European Union's resident member states to achieve a common and cohesive policy on Sudan.

To realize this policy, the European Union and EU resident Embassies in close contact with many Sudanese political actors including government officials, political parties, youth, civil society, women leaders, human rights defenders, victims of violations, IDPs and ordinary Sudanese people and citizens.

Five young poets were recognised this year for their award-winning poetry submissions as part of the EU funded Silsiladda Nabadda poetry competition. The announcement was made at the Silsiladda Nabadda award ceremony held in Mogadishu. In attendance were representatives from the government and the European Union as well as the NGO and international community. The recipients of the awards as well as the shortlisted candidates presented their poems during the event.

In long-standing democracies, where elections are held in an environment of 'normality', it is easy to forget how complex and fraught with pitfalls the process leading to the casting of the ballot can be.