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The European Commission seeks feedback from the broadest possible range of stakeholders, including those in beneficiary countries, on the current external financing instruments of the European Union.

Neste importante dia a Delegação da União Europeia em Cabo Verde quer destacar os principais desafios na luta para a defesa dos direitos das mulheres em Cabo Verde e o que se pretende fazer para enfrentar de forma eficaz estes desafios.

L'Union européenne se tient aujourd'hui aux côtés des femmes d'Europe et du monde entier comme au moment de sa fondation.

Turkana, Wednesday 8 March 2017.  In response to the ongoing drought which has hit several parts of Kenya for the last one-year, the European Union is providing an additional EUR 23 million, about Sh2.5 billion to contain the worst impacts of drought among the most affected communities.