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#EUFF2016 was inaugurated May 27 at British Council, New Delhi. Festival is ravelling across the country with great response. Keep up-to-date about screening details: visit EUFF webpage or follow on Facebook and Twitter!

The recent execution of Mr Kho Jabing, a Malaysian national, in Singapore, runs counter to global trends towards instating a moratorium on the use of capital punishment. The European Union recalls its opposition to the use of capital punishment which can never be justified. 



Libya, Syria and the European Union's Eastern Partnership were among the topics discussed by Federica Mogherini and Foreign Ministers from all Member States in today's Foreign Affairs Council.

Following up on our useful talks last Monday in Vienna to discuss an array of issues relating to Libya, the Libyan Prime Minister Serraj has written to request rapid EU support contributing to the training of the Libyan Navy and Coast Guard, as well as the security service. This is an important  development that I will discuss with Ministers at tomorrow's meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council with a view to making this operational as soon as possible so as to support the Libyans with the many challenges that need facing.


Dans le prolongement des discussions constructives que nous avons menées lundi dernier à Vienne sur une série de questions relatives à la Libye, le Premier ministre libyen, M. al-Sarraj, a écrit pour demander un soutien rapide de l'UE visant à contribuer à la formation de la marine et des garde‑côtes libyens ainsi que des services de sécurité.


Mr Binali Yıldırım was nominated as the new Prime Minister of Turkey today. We congratulate him for the nomination that comes at an important moment not only for Turkey, but also for the EU-Turkey relationship.
We look forward to continuing to work together on common regional and international challenges, and to further implement all aspects of our joint partnership, as agreed at the first EU-Turkey summit last November and in the EU-Turkey Statement from 18 March. 

Heads of Mission of the European Union resident in Bangladesh called today on the Honourable
Foreign Minister, H.E. Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali MP.