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The overall objective of the SAAP IV is to support the Egyptian Government in implementing the EU-Egypt ENP Action Plan (AP) and the Association Agreement (AA).

The objective of this project is to improve national capacities in public policy formulation, public administrations and services, and training and advocacy capacities for decentralisation.

Sector: Economic and development policy/planning

EU Contribution: € 17,000,000.00 (100% of total).

Description: The objective of this programme is to increase the capacity of Egyptian institutions and civil society organisations to implement international conventions related to human rights.

Location : Nationwide

Start date : 23/11/2009

End date : 23/12/2020

Aims to modernise the administration of justice through training and capacity building, automation and improving institutional capabilities.

The Procurement Channel was established by the JCPOA and endorsed by UN Security Council Resolution 2231 (2015) for a period of ten years. This mechanism reviews proposals by States seeking to participate in or permit nuclear-related activities set forth in paragraph 2 of Annex B of Resolution 2231 (2015) The Procurement Channel is a significant transparency measure and a key tool to support non-proliferation and also trade with Iran. It relies on a mechanism involving the Security Council and the JCPOA Participants: States submit proposals to the Security Council, which transmits them to the Procurement Working Group (PWG) of the JCPOA Joint Commission. The PWG makes a recommendation on behalf of the Joint Commission, based on which the Security Council takes its decision to authorise, or not, the nuclear-related transfer or activity. The PWG meets every three weeks in Vienna at the EU Delegation. The Coordinator of the PWG is the Head of the EU Delegation's JCPOA Procurement Channel Section.